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Each 2023-24 Upper Deck Allure Hockey Hobby Box contains 9 packs with 8 cards in every pack!

BOX BREAK (on average)

  • 8 Base Set Rookies Cards
  • 8 Black Rainbow, Red Rainbow and/or Orange Slice Base Set Parallel Cards (Includes Rookies)
  • 8 Color Flow and/or Color Flow Stanley Cup® Cards
  • 5 Bar Down, Golden Goalies, Iced Breakaway, Lumber Masters and/or Polished Pros Cards
  • 2 Printing Plates, Serially-#’d Cards and/or Ratio’d Short Print Cards
  • At Least 1 16-Bit, Autograph or Doubloons Card

Allure Hockey is back with a 150-card Base Set featuring 100 veteran standouts and 50 top rookies – the latter falling one (1) per pack, on average! The parallel lineup is stunning and diverse. From color and pattern variations to color and pattern variations with autographs and/or memorabilia, Allure® Hockey appeals to a wide variety of collectors, especially auto, player and set collectors.

Collect a Black Rainbow, Red Rainbow or Orange Slice veteran or rookie parallel card in every pack, on average!

Look for new Pink Lemonade and Pink Lemonade Auto (#’d to 5) parallels, as well as the returning and coveted Blue Line Auto (#’d to 35), Blue Line Auto Jersey (Varied #’ing), Purple Diamond Auto (#’d to 10), Purple Diamond Auto Patch (#’d to 10), Golden Treasures (#’d 1-of-1) and Golden Treasures Auto (#’d 1-of-1) parallels. The veteran jersey and patch swatches are game-worn!

RAINBOW SETS! The beautiful and popular Color Flow insert returns with a stellar new design and an excellent star veteran & top rookie checklist! Via the Color Flow insert, fans and collectors can build a “rainbow set” for more than 30 players. A rainbow set can be constructed by lining up the Color Flow Red-Orange card of a particular player with the Orange-Yellow, Yellow-Green, Green-Blue and Blue-Purple versions. With one (1) Color Flow card per pack, on average, it’s easy to get rainbow sets started! Collectors will also love the challenge of putting together serially-numbered Spectrum parallel sets which range from the Red-Orange versions #’d to 299 to the Blue-Purple versions #’d to 10.

Gold at the End of the Rainbow! Collectors can strive to complement each of their 5-card player rainbow sets with a 1-of-1 Color Flow Golden Treasures card and/or a 1-of-1 Color Flow Golden Treasures – Auto parallel card!

Special Addition! Collectors can now build a Stanley Cup® rainbow set! The new and rare Color Flow Stanley Cup® set is a three-card rainbow (Red-Orange, Yellow-Green & Blue-Purple) and each card only features the most cherished and historic trophy in professional team sports. Yes, there is a serially-numbered Spectrum parallel too, and only 10 of these sets can be put together!

MORE RETURNING FAVES! The 16-Bit and Doubloons (golden beauties!) inserts are back. Each set boasts a new design and a highly-desirable checklist consisting of star veterans (including many superstars) and top rookies, and in the case of the Doubloons set, some legends of the game!

THE NEWCOMERS! Be the first to collect the Bar Down (top goal scorers), Golden Goalies (star goaltenders), Iced Breakaway (just a mix of veterans and top rookies), Lumber Masters (great stick handlers and/or shooters) and Polished Pros (only established veterans with and a handful of longtime stars) sets. Collect five (5) of these cards per box, on average!

There are also six parallels of each set, highlighted by the Purple (#’d to 10), Golden Treasures (#’d 1-of-1) and Auto parallels!


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