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Each 2023-24 Upper Deck Engrained Hockey Hobby Box contains 1 pack with 6 cards in every pack!

BOX BREAK (on average)

  • 2 Autograph, Autograph Memorabilia, Memorabilia, Carved in Time and/or ElectroCast Cards
  • 1 Base Set Veteran (#’d to 349) or Legend (#’d to 299) Card
  • 1 2023-24 Base Set Rookie (#’d to 399) or 2022-23 Base Set Rookie (#’d to 299) Card
  • 1 Synthesis Card or Base Set Parallel Card #’d to 49 or Less
  • 1 Signature Shots Card
  • 1 POSSIBLE BONUS CARD! A 2021-22 Base Set Rookie card (including auto, mem and auto-mem versions) will fall as a bonus 7th card in select boxes!

Engrained Hockey is back!! The return of this compelling brand to Upper Deck’s product lineup will be welcomed by collectors, who will be treated to the following with the 2023-24 edition:

  • Top rookies from three different classes (2023-24, 2022-23 and 2021-22)
  • A variety of substrates, including wood and metal
  • Hard-signed autographs and game-worn & game-used memorabilia, including a wide variety of stick memorabilia

The 200-card Base Set consists of 65 star veterans (#’d to 349), 35 legends (#’d to 299) and 100 top rookies from three different seasons: 2023-24 (65 #’d to 399), 2022-23 (25 #’d to 299) and 2021-22 (10 #’d to 299). The cards for each rookie class sport a different design, and the 2021-22 rookie cards will be randomly seeded into boxes as a bonus 7th card!

  • There are seven (7) parallels of the complete Base Set, highlighted by the Mahogany (#’d to 10), Rosewood (#’d 1-of-1), Mahogany Premium Memorabilia (Varied #’ing) and Rosewood Premium Memorabilia Autograph (#’d 1-of-1) parallels!
  • There are also White Birch (#’d to 20) and White Birch Autograph (#’d to 50 or 35) parallels of the first 100 cards of the Base Set (the star veterans and legends).
  • Collect one (1) star veteran or legend Base Set card per box, on average!
  • Collect one (1) 2023-24 or 2022-23 rookie Base Set card per box, on average!

Collect the 50-card Synthesis insert – as well as its Red and Blue parallels – featuring established veteran superstars, young stars and top 2023-24 rookies. Keep an eye out for autograph variations too! The Synthesis Signatures set and its hand-#’d Red Ink Signatures parallel will be coveted. Built on a plexi substrate, each card features either a veteran superstar, top 2023-24 rookie or legend of the game!

NEW! The all-new, all-metal ElectroCast insert will be a hit with collectors! There are also Autographs and Gold Autographs parallels – both signed with a paint pen and the latter hand-#’d to just 15!

The popular Signature Shots, Rookie Signature Shots and Legendary Signature Shots sets are back! There is also a 2022-23 Rookie Signature Shots set! All Signature Shots cards are serially-#’d and sport an autograph on a manufactured carbon fiber stick piece. Look for Red Stick, Green Stick and 1-of-1 Blue Stick parallels of the Rookie Signature Shots and 2022-23 Rookie Signature Shots sets, as well as 1-of-1 Blue Stick parallels of the Signature Shots set and 1-of-1 Blue Ink parallels of the Legendary Signature Shots set.

Each box will include, on average, one (1) Signature Shots card of any kind!

ALL-WOOD CARDS! The popular laser-engraved Carved in Time wood insert is back, and with a phenomenal checklist! Keep an eye out for Carved in Time Signatures versions!

GAME-USED STICK CARDS! Engrained is well known for its stick memorabilia cards, and the 2023-24 edition is loaded with game-used stick memorabilia. Here is a rundown:

  • Clutch Components: A single piece of a game-used stick AND a glove, which are accompanied by an autograph on the Clutch Component Signatures variations. Both versions are #’d.
  • Complete Sticks: Three different pieces of a game-used stick, which are accompanied by an autograph on the Complete Sticks Signatures variations. Both versions are #’d to 25.
  • Distinguishing Marks: All 1-of-1 cards featuring a single, very unique piece of a game-used stick.
  • Flexures Autographs: A single piece of game-used stick alongside an autograph.
  • Marquee Materials: A single piece of game-used stick. Each card is #’d to 15.
  • Remnants: A single piece of game-used stick, which is accompanied by an autograph on the #’d Signature Remnants parallel.
  • Stick Nameplates: All 1-of-1 cards featuring the nameplate from a game-used stick. Look for incredible 1-of-1 Dual Stick versions too – the pairings are sensational!
  • Tandem Twigs: A single piece of game-used stick from two players. Each card is #’d to 5.


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