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Each 2023-24 Upper Deck SPx Hockey Hobby Box contains 1 pack with 5 cards in each pack!

BOX BREAK (on average)

  • 1 Autograph Card
  • 4 Memorabilia and/or Non-Auto Cards

The 200-card Base Set features 100 star veterans and 100 rookies – all #’d to 299! The parallel lineup is deep and loaded with chase cards! In addition to returning favorites such as the NHL Shield Die-Cut Hologram (#’d to 25), Auto, Auto Patch (low-#’d) and 1-of-1 Auto Premium Memorabilia parallels, there is also an all-new Parallax Purple (#’d to 149) parallel.

  • Look for #’d Rookie Auto Jersey and Rookie Auto Patch cards, including retro versions celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the iconic 2003-04 SPx rookie design! These cards feature top rookies and serve as an extension of the rookie portion of the Base Set. Keep an eye out for low-#’d Spectrum parallels of both the Auto Jersey and Auto Patch cards, and all-new 1-of-1 Gold Spectrum parallels of just the Auto Patch cards!

The low-#’d SPx Signature Fabrics set – the veteran equivalent of the Rookie Auto Jersey set – features autographs and game-worn jersey swatches from stars and superstars. Look for Spectrum parallels featuring both game-worn jersey (#’d as low as 5) and patch swatches (#’d as low as 3), as well as 1-of-1 Gold Spectrum parallels of the patch versions!

The popular Radiance FX tech insert returns for its third year! The diverse checklist of this 100-card set #’d to 949 is comprised of legends, rookies and star veterans. There are also Blue (#’d to 299), Gold (#’d to 99) and Green (#’d to 10) parallels.

Be on the lookout for Finite Rookies cards featuring only top rookies and a large embossed Finite Rookies badge. This set boasts a bevy of stellar parallels, highlighted by the Gold Spectrum (#’d to 25), Green Spectrum (#’d 10) and 1-of-1 Platinum Spectrum parallels!

The latest edition of SPx sports a variety of tantalizing new insert sets. Here is a rundown, with one more noted later:

  • Starscape Shadow Box: This stunning Shadow Box set sporting a PETG top layer and a Rainbow Foil bottom layer incorporates elements of the classic SPx Starscape insert. This 50-card set includes star veterans and top rookies. Lucky collectors will pull Silver Spectrum (#’d to 99) and/or Gold Spectrum (#’d to 10) parallels!
  • Hardwired for Success: This #’d set features 15 of the best young stars (early-to-mid 20’s) in the game today. There is also Red (#’d to 65), Gold (#’d to 35) and 1-of-1 Blue parallels to collect.
  • X-Over Signatures: Loaded with star veterans and the best-of-the-best rookie prospects, this autograph set is #’d to just 15 and also boasts Red (#’d to 10), Gold (#’d to 5) and 1-of-1 Blue parallels.
  • X Marks the Spot Autos: Another beautifully-designed auto set! There are star veteran and top rookie versions, and low-#’d Gold parallels.

Add more top rookie and star veteran autograph cards to your collection via the Auto Holographs and Superscripts insert sets. There are low-#’d parallels of both sets, including a 1-of-1 Blue parallel of the Auto Holographs set!

The legendary SPx Force insert is back! Each card features four players, with most featuring four current teammates. However, there are some special pairings, including a rookie pairing that anyone would love to add to their collection! Keep an eye out for these rare cards, as well as the Red (#’d to 30), Gold (#’d to 15) and 1-of-1 Blue parallels.

SPx wouldn’t be complete without its coveted UD Black Obsidian, UD Black Lustrous and UD Black Pride of a Nation inserts. Chock-full of auto and auto patch cards – headlined by the incredible UD Black Lustrous RAP and RAP Clarity Variant cards that everyone will be hunting for – the UD Black lineup has been expanded with the addition of the rare UD Black Steel
Signatures set (which includes a 1-of-1 Emerald parallel) and an Emerald parallel of the UD Black Obsidian Rookies, Rookie Patch and Patch cards!


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